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The Great Lakes Saga

I am often asked, “Which should I read first?” My answer is that it doesn’t matter. I am not writing a traditional series. Sure, there will be familiar places and faces that show up now and again, but, for the most part, the books are not related. However, be warned: no character is safe in any of the saga books.

I have always thought that the Great Lakes region, beautiful and rich with history, would provide the perfect place to set stories. My approach for the 5-book saga is to tell one story set on or around each Great Lake. Don’t let the different genres dissuade you. The books are all summer reads full of drama, tension, betrayal, murder, lust, romance, mystery, and suspense.

The Books

-The Wreck (Lake Huron-Sea Adventure)
-The Sail (Lake Superior-Sea Adventure)
-The Cabin (Lake Ontario-Espionage)
-The Hike (Lake Erie-Private Investigator Mystery-available March 2020)
-The Bay (Lake Michigan-Sea Adventure-available in 2021)


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A potential worldwide catastrophe looms large as C.I.A. Officer Jennifer Lear meets with her agent in Berlin. But the agent is late, and the meeting turns into a frantic struggle to survive. Months later, a question still haunts The Company: How could it all have gone so wrong?

Meanwhile, in New York, high school teacher Maria Hilliard and her sports writer husband Iggi arrive at their log cabin on Lake Ontario ready to host two friends over the Fourth of July weekend. One is Maria’s fellow teacher Haley Girard, who is turning thirty and looking forward to the holiday retreat. The other guest is recently divorced Detroit Detective Cal Ripley, a man who has been on the front lines since 9/11 and needs time away from his job and Detroit. The plan is simple: relax, reflect on life, and reconnect.

However, not everyone is who he or she appears to be.

From the cafés of Berlin to the Roman Colosseum. From the jungles of Vietnam to the streets of the Windy City. From the neighborhoods of Detroit to the shores of Lake Ontario, and from the glamor of New York City to the secrets of Langley, Virginia. The Cabin is Bestselling Author Landon Beach’s new novel of suspense—a work that is sexy, heart-warming, heart-breaking, and also uncovers a terrifying scenario that few are willing to acknowledge exists.

Imagine The Big Chill meets Patriot Games in a novel of friendship, betrayal, and world events that challenge the generation labeled only by a letter to try and make sense of it all.

"Fast, relentless, and impossible to put down. Landon Beach's The Cabin is a must-read for fans of Ted Bell, Clive Cussler, and Bryan Gruley." 

- The Real Book Spy

The Cabin has all the elements of a great espionage thriller along with a dose of introspection on the state of the world at large. If you’re looking for an intelligent, high octane read, you can’t go wrong with The Cabin.”

- Chris Goff, author of RED SKY