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Stand-alone Novel

-Narrator (Psychological Thriller)

Sunrise-Side Private Investigator Mystery Series

-Huron Breeze
-Huron Nights
-The Blue Hour Sanction
-Huron Sunrise

The Great Lakes Saga

I have always thought that the Great Lakes region, beautiful and rich with history, would provide the perfect place to set stories. My approach for the 5-book saga is to tell one story set on or around each Great Lake. Don’t let the different genres dissuade you. The books are all summer reads full of drama, tension, betrayal, murder, lust, romance, mystery, and suspense.

Note: Hampstead, Michigan and Shelter Harbor, Michigan are fictional placesas are some of the islands that I put in my novels to serve the storiesbut, if you are from Michigan, they will have a familiar feel.

-The Wreck (Lake Huron-Sea Adventure)
-The Sail (Lake Superior-Sea Adventure)
-The Cabin (Lake Ontario-Espionage Thriller)
-The Hike (Lake Erie-Crime Thriller)
-The Bay (Lake Michigan-Sea Adventure-TBD)


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College heptathlete Margaret Crandall is invited to compete for a spot with a secret company to become an elite assassin. While still in the training pipeline, her mentor is murdered attempting to kill the billionaire shipping tycoon, Victor Lars Junius, who is a member of a global criminal empire and attempting to transform himself into the legendary actor Richard Burton.

As a result, Margaret is promoted and given a new name: Adrienne Astra.

Her first mission?

Sanction Junius.

However, a mole at the off-the-books company is already plotting Adrienne's demise.


If you like high-stakes espionage, action, and endings you won't see coming, then you'll love Landon Beach's tense spy thriller.


"The Blue Hour Sanction is the latest gem in Beach's string of award-winning books."


"With its gripping premise and non-stop action, The Blue Hour Sanction delivers a thrilling narrative that will captivate fans of both The Hunger Games and James Bond. Prepare for a wild ride through a world of deadly secrets and high-stakes missions—you'll be hooked from the first page."

—Andrew Watts, USA Today bestselling author of the Firewall Spies series

“A fresh take on telling a story within a story, The Blue Hour Sanction dives into the past of one of Beach’s most fascinating characters, bringing her to life for a rip-roaring origin story that’s different than anything else out there.”

—Ryan Steck, The Real Book Spy, and author of Lethal Range

“Landon Beach's The Blue Hour Sanction delivers a perfect combination of fastballs, curveballs, and home runs . . . maybe the most lethal female protagonist I've ever seen grace the page. Beach's writing is second to none, and his talent truly shines through in this brilliantly crafted thriller . . . Don't miss one of the best reads of the summer!”

—Stuart Ashenbrenner, Best Thriller Books

"Landon Beach's The Blue Hour Sanction is everything you want in a thriller. The vividly imagined, fast-moving plot pulls you along at breakneck speed. Strong writing, nonstop action, stunning twists, and a female lead who will take your breath away. You won't want to put it down."

—Susan Hunter, author of the Leah Nash Mystery series

"This engaging audiobook features powerful, proficient women who are facing off in the world of espionage.  Who better to bring them to life than Suzanne Elise Freeman?  This is one smooth-running thrill ride."

AudioFile Magazine

The Blue Hour Sanction is an extraordinary thriller that left me utterly gripped from start to finish. It's a top-notch masterpiece of suspense. The characters are deeply engaging, their secrets and motives adding layers of complexity to the story. Landon Beach has created a gripping thriller that I highly recommend to anyone seeking an adrenaline-pumping reading experience.”

—Dr. Jason Piccolo, author of Unwavering and host of The Protectors Podcast

"This is Landon Beach's first foray into action thrillers and boy is it enjoyable. It felt like The Hunger Games, James Bond, and Alias rolled into one. I truly hope there are more Adrienne Astra books in the future; I’ll be the first in line to check them out.  Landon Beach is one hell of an awesome author, and you’ve got to check his books out—he’s just that good."
—David Dobiasek, "The Voice" of Best Thriller Books

“Landon Beach, already a best-selling, award-winning author, just gets better and better.  The Blue Hour Sanction is his latest international thriller, introducing us to a female assassin with the audacity, skill, and moral fiber to eliminate the toughest and most deadly enemies of freedom. Beach’s characters are distinct and complex (including one with a Richard Burton fixation), allowing for twists and surprises that are both intriguing and immediately believable. The Blue Hour Sanction is a global high-wire act that will keep you turning the pages as fast as you can read them. Highly recommended!"

—A.W. Baldwin, Award-winning author of the Relic series

“Landon Beach crafts a story with a hardened, edgy protagonist and over-the-top villains reminiscent of classic James Bond characters. The Blue Hour Sanction is an origin story that will stick with you long after you turn the final page.”

—A.M. Adair, award-winning author of the Elle Anderson thriller series

"The Blue Hour Sanction is my number one fiction read of 2023."

—Wendi Flint Rank, top NetGalley reviewer

“Landon Beach fans, and I’m certainly a card-carrying member of the LB fan club, will be bowled over by this new novel.  You will find yourself cheering for the heroine who is not only extraordinarily professional and lethal but also a woman of feeling. The action rolls out on page one and never lets up.  A wonderful ride!”

—Jordan Rich, On Mic with Jordan Rich Podcast, WBZ iHeart Radio